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Key to Egg Color

Key to Egg Color

Thursday, February 18, 2016




  1. The Love of Body Butter
    07 Apr, 2016
    The Love of Body Butter
    I know one doesn't think body butters have a place in the chicken world but let me tell you that after a hard day wading around in chicken poop a lady needs to pamper herself. And to tell the truth men like it also when they do.  With that being said, I just couldn't find one the way I liked so I created and started making mine own.  Here on the stead Marans are just a part of what goes on around here and so I jumped off into this hobby and loving every minute of it. If your interested in trying
  2. New LP Carport Cedar Barn
    18 Feb, 2016
    Great Carport Barn
    It's pretty easy peesy to create a pretty cool barn using those road side steel carports.  I got mine at a real bargain with it being an 18x21 for 595.00 The good thing about these is that's it really easy to set up those chain link dog kennels in the to start off with right away without building walls.  The cedar boards I acquired at 1.00 a board and I bought 170 of them. Turned out pretty nice but for a barn the red roof looks great but it really does pull in heat. Please remember that. I have
  3. Marans Line Defined
    18 Feb, 2016
    Marans Line Defined
    Why are we so obsessed with the names that have been tagged on our Marans?  We will go through great lengths to find the best birds and turn around and sell that same name to others in hopes that they recognize that name and it helps to sell their products.  Crazy hun? Here’s another one, why does a breeder only own the birds good qualities but passes the buck on the bad ones.. Did they not breed both?  Marans, who started this…The French! Let’s blame the French; after all they started this
  4. More to chicken color.....
    18 Feb, 2016
    More to chicken color.....
    By Lisa Olson, Ledge Rock Poultry (May 28, 2010)       Marans and color. The two go so tightly hand-in-hand, that sometimes it can be a little difficult to see beyond the pretty color of the eggs and the pretty color of the birds. But, beyond the pretty colors, what is it that sets Marans apart from other breeds? If egg color is all that matters, than what differentiates them from Penedescencas? If the correct plumage color is what defines them, than what set them apart from other breeds of
  5. New Website...Again
    18 Feb, 2016
    New Website...Again
    Why a new website again?  I ask myself the same question. It could be I just enjoy created websites and this I felt a need for a change. As different avenues are coming into my life here on the farm, I have more interests. Those interests I hope to share with you on my new site. I don't want my live to be totally all about Marans but other interests as well.  Please bear with me as this site progresses and I hope you enjoy it. This is a new adventure for me I wish to share with you.
  6. Orange Chicken Recipe
    17 Feb, 2016
    Orange Chicken Recipe
    Orange Chicken Recipe [orange chicken recipe] This orange chicken recipe is made with chicken breasts and fresh orange juice for a fairly low fat and nutritious main dish. It makes a good introduction to fennel, a popular vegetable in French cooking. Serve this dish with brown rice for an extra healthy and satisfying dinner. Although it is not essential to this recipe, I hope you will give the fennel a try. It is a vegetable that I had never tasted before coming to France, but it quickly became
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