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Get to know me
  This is just a little about me.  My name is Brenda and I'll tell you how the Littlepeddler name came about. I was married to a great guy by the last name Little. After we were married for about a year he and I decided that it was time for me to become a stay at home wife. This of course i didn't mind at all.   But I did need to bring in my own income. So I decided to sell on ebay. I created the name Littlepeddler after my name and I started peddling antiques and collectibles on ebay. I did this for several years but decided after so long at doing it I got burned out. In the year 2008 I found the Marans on ebay. Duh!   I purchased over 500.00 in eggs and got nothing. Then ordered hatchery Cuckoos and fell in love with them.But then only realize the mistake I made. Sold them right away. Then I blessed to find a little old man named Jesse that blessed me with 10 Black Copper Marans chicks. I was in totally captivated by these birds. My enthusiasm got the best of me.       My passion for these birds brought more than I could have ever expected. I was determined to breed these to the standards of the French and that was my biggest downfall. This caused more controversy in my life than any one should have gone through over a silly lawn buzzard. But it's all good. 
  I decided that actually there was no where to go to learn about the breed so I decided to talk to the French. They were helpful more than I can say. I respected them and respected what they had to teach me. This situation that I found myself in brought a lot of anguish upon me, probably a lot of it I brought on myself because of my passion. I made enemies and made friends. But basically I stayed by myself. Created the MOAC website and worked it years by myself. Tried to learn all I could, but being a stroke survivor, it was hard to retain the knowledge I did gather. But the club was taking a lot from me and my family. But you know?  God has a way of bringing you back to your senses. 

  When the club was at it's peak and it actually was the world's largest Marans site in the world, life took a drastic turn. My loving husband was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer, that's when you learn the life lesson of your priorities.                  Everything but him went on the back burner. Then the time came for his passing and that's when my whole life changed. I lost everything I ever had. My mother's house of 30 years, everything I ever owned and had but...three little birds. My LP birds that were gifted to me from France. Since I had to move to a small apartment I could not even have them with me. They were in a make-shift coop at my son's best friends house hidden in the back yard. I was able to go and feed them once every other day. Their coop was only 4x4 feet and yard only 8x8 feet. I couldn't afford anything more for them. For a solid year i prayed for a solution for them and me. Day after day I tried to convince myself they needed to go to some one else. They were all I had left. Had to sell every egg just because I couldn't hatch any for I had no place to keep them.  
  Then an angel came through. I won't get into details about that but within a week of me finally offering my birds up to some one. I was owing my first small homestead on one acre in the country and my three little LP birds came right alon
g with me the same night I moved in. Thanks to Karel Gray and family. 
  Now as of today I finally realize that sometimes things have to fall apart so they fall together. I don't really think I will ever have the passion for Marans as I once had, which is a good thing for my life is being fulfilled in other ways. Important things that I took for granted before. Life is grand. Homesteading is grand.  I hope this gives you a better understanding of who I am.  I'm sorry that I have lost some of the Marans zeal I had once, but over all they are going to be what breeders make of them. I am sure that you will soon hear from me again where the MOAC club is concern. Thanks for reading about this little old lady that still loves life and of course her Marans. 
Thanks for visiting my site
​Brenda Little
  Let’s talk a little about Marans.  First of all I would to say that it’s a little bitter sweet to see so many new enthusiasts entering the Marans Community. Why would I say that?
Marans are not common genetically as most of your USA standards birds. They are made up of some genetics that can be really crazy at times. You can breed a Leghorn or a Rhode Island Red and get exactly what you bred.  But with a Marans it’s just a little more complicated. Even though you are working with the same genes that all chickens have, what you get when breeding Marans is more of a crap shoot.  
 Please understand that if you are a novice…….don’t expect perfect birds from  perfect birds. It’s just not going to happen as you expect. Yes you MAY get some perfect birds but most likely you are going to get something you as a breeder are going to have to work with in your breeding program. Please don’t think that just because a breeder has good birds, he/she birds will throw good birds.  It’s just not a fair assumption.
  Because of this assumption, many seasoned breeders have stop producing to the public. That’s the Marans community’s loss.
  Please don’t believe all the hype of the new so called new colors of Marans.
  It just can’t be don’t outside the Marans genetic make up.
  I always believe it’s best to down play my birds. I don’t want anyone to think that LP’s are the best. I will never promise you show stock or darkest egg color. I sell them as pure French! That’s all:  Nothing more…nothing less. They are far from perfect and far from producing perfection.  I won’t speak for other breeders and what they promise, I am speaking of my LP line.
  I also will not endorse any breeder as having pure LP’s line birds after they have left my farm. I have no idea what breeders do with them or what they breed them to.
  I have been called a shoot-from-your-hip type of gal and I don’t sugar coat or make my birds out to be something they aren’t.  I won’t make promises with these birds I can’t keep.  I will point out  flaws so please check out my page about LP Line Flaws by clicking here.
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